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Delaware Criminal Justice Information System



To establish policy for the development, implementation, and operation of a comprehensive integrated infrastructure, which in turn supports the criminal justice community. The Delaware Criminal Justice Information System (DELJIS) commits to providing a system to improve criminal justice and enable bias free decision making


The Delaware Criminal Justice Information System Board of Managers, to continue to achieve its stated mission, commits to the principal that accurate, timely, and shared knowledge is paramount to an effective criminal justice system. The Board affirms that knowledge sharing is best accomplished through an environment of integrated information management. To leverage our investment in the current integrated Criminal Justice Information System and expand services to agencies and individual criminal justice professionals and workers, the Board calls on all criminal justice and information service agencies of the State likewise to commit to provide integration components, along with automation services, whenever new or enhanced information systems are proposed and created.

The Board understands that the technology of the present will create the information systems of the future, and that these information systems will be acquired, developed, and operated with a high degree of agency independence. Therefore, as a community, we must build upon this independence. Our experience and wisdom dictates that shared knowledge is fundamental to our joint success. Thus, our enterprise must achieve an interdependence born from an environment of contribution and cooperation. Within the construct of information and systems interdependence, a fusion of resources will also be necessary to achieve control over such an enterprise.

In this new environment, technology standards and common methods win be vitally important if systems integration and knowledge sharing is to remain our focus. Future development and maintenance of the Criminal Justice Information System must advance our commitment to system responsiveness and reliability. Additionally, we must insure information quality and integrity while delivering value-added functionality for system users. These objectives will be met with enthusiasm toward embracing new technologies as such opportunities avail themselves.

To achieve such a broad vision, the DELJIS Board of Managers and their appointing authorities will forge the goals necessary to meet these precepts and will remain the forum for the exchange of criminal justice community needs and integrated systems governance.

Last Updated: Friday, 30-Sep-2022 02:14:57 EDT
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